Barbarian AssaultEdit

Barbarian Assault is a minigame where you can get fancy gear like a Fighter Torso, Rune Defender and Barrows Gloves. It is absolutely nothing like in real RuneScape, it's less complicated and actually reality. In this guide I will show you how to get there, how to kill the monsters, and what the rewards are.

Getting There

Go to your spellbook and click on the Minigames Teleport


You click on "More"


You may now click on Barbarian Assault



I do not think Barbarian Assault has any requirements, because they did not hit me at all when I was getting my Penance Armour and Rune Defender. But if you want to be sure, just take some Swordfish with you.

Killing the Guards

There is two kinds of Guards, a Level 23 which is very easy to kill but it only gives you one Assault Point. There is also a Level 112 Guard, which gives you 5 Assault Points, but it is a little bit harder to kill.


Level 23 Guard


Level 112 Guard

The Reward Shop

Things that are in the reward shop can only be bought with Assault Points. 


Below you will find the prices of the items.



Have fun with your Barbarian Assault items!