Barrows is a minigame that rewards players with a chance at some of the best armour in the game.

In order to successfully complete this minigame, here is a list of skills and items I would recommend having:

  • 60+ Attack
  • 70+ Strength
  • 40+ Defence
  • 43+ Prayer
  • 70+ Ranged (if you decide to range)
  • Super Potions (Attack, Strength, Defence)
  • 3-5 Prayer Potions
  • 10+ Lobsters/Sharks
  • Spade

To get there, open your spellbook and select 'Minigame Teleport' and then 'Barrows" at the bottom.

Select barrows teleport

Select 'Barrows' to teleport to the Minigame

To enter the barrows, use a Spade on top of a mound. Once inside, you will find a list of Barrows Brothers left to defeat as well as your current killcount. To initiate the fight, simply click the coffin in the middle of the crypt (after turning on your Prayers!) and the respective brother will pop out. Your target will have a blinking yellow arrow on top of them.

There are 6 Brothers in total and require protection prayers to defeat.They are:

  • Verac (level 115) - Protect from Melee but bring food
    Dig with spade

    Dig with a Spade to enter

  • Guthan (level 115) - Protect from Melee
  • Karil (level 98) - Protect from Missiles
  • Torag (level 115) - Protect from Melee
  • Ahrim (level 98) - Protect from Magic
  • Dharok (level 115) - Protect from Melee

I recommend doing Barrows in this order, because Dharok's crypt is the one that teleports you to the rewards chest after you defeat him.

After defeating Dharok, click his coffin again to enter the Chest Room. There, you must have 4 inventory spaces free in order to open the chest. After you recieve your rewards, you will be teleported on top of Ahrim's barrow in the middle and your killcount will reset. If you have enough supplies, you may attempt another run and if you don't, just bank and teleport back. 

The rewards you can recieve from the chest are:

Item   Quantity   Rarity  
Bolt rack
Bolt rack Random Uncommon
Dragon Med Helm
Dragon med helm Random Very rare
Item   Quantity   Rarity  
2Mind rune
Mind rune Random Common
Chaos Rune
Chaos rune Random Common
Death Rune
Death rune Random Common
Blood Rune
Blood rune Random Uncommon
Item   Quantity   Rarity  
Ahrim's Hood
Ahrims hood 1 Rare
Ahrim's Robe Top
Ahrims robe top 1 Rare
Ahrim's Robe Skirt
Ahrims robe skirt 1 Rare
Ahrims Staff
Ahrims staff 1 Rare
Dharoks Helm
Dharoks helm 1 Rare
Dharoks Platebody
Dharoks platebody 1 Rare
Dharoks Platelegs
Dharoks platelegs 1 Rare
Dharoks Greataxe
Dharoks greataxe 1 Rare
Guthans Helm
Guthans helm 1 Rare
Guthans Platebody
Guthans platebody 1 Rare
Guthans Chainskirt
Guthans chainskirt 1 Rare
Guthans War Spear
Guthans warspear 1 Rare
Karils Coif
Karils coif 1 Rare
Karils Leathertop
Karils leathertop 1 Rare
Karils Leatherskirt
Karils leatherskirt 1 Rare
Karils Crossbow
Karils crossbow 1 Rare
Torags Helm
Torags helm 1 Rare
Torags Platebody
Torags platebody 1 Rare
Torags Platelegs
Torags platelegs 1 Rare
Torags Hammers
Torags hammers 1 Rare
Veracs Helm
Veracs helm 1 Rare
Veracs Brassard
Veracs brassard 1 Rare
Veracs Plateskirt
Veracs plateskirt 1 Rare
Veracs Flail
Veracs flail 1 Rare

Thank you for reading and I hope this guide helps in any way.


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