How to donate to Divine-Reality.

To donate to Divine-Reality simply go to or on the Divine-Reality website click the extra links tab and select donate.

Once on the donation page enter your in game username you wish to receive the items you are donating for, then select the reward you wish to receive. This will the redirect you to Paypal where you will finalize your payment.

After the payment is complete, type "::claimdonation" without the quotes in-game and you will receive your item.

Note: Claim each donation before you place another otherwise you will only receive your most recent donation rewards.

What are the benefits of the donator status?Edit

Donator island (::di) consists of:

What are the benefits of the premium donator status?Edit

Premium island (::prem) consisting of:

  • Slash Bash
  • Increased chance at receiving loot from the barrows chest
  • Access to a new mining area with more ores and a bank
  • All of the donator status features
  • Access to a Manta Ray fishing spot next to a bank
  • More features are currently undergoing

What does the donator ring do?Edit

  • The donator ring known as the Ring of Charos gives a 5% drop rate increase which is added onto the Legend ranks' status.

What does the advanced donator ring do?Edit

  • The advanced donator ring known as the Ring of Charos(a) gives a 7.5% drop rate increase which is added onto the Legend ranks' status.
  • The ring also gives +5 to all stats excluding strength in which it gives +2

What does the dwarf multi-cannon do?Edit

  • The Dwarf multi-cannon is currently under construction and will be fully functional in the next update.

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