There's only a few commands in Divine-Reality, and you'll know most of them.

In this wiki I will explain all the commands.

::players shows how many players are online.

::playtime shows how long you've played for.

::help Moderators or Helpers get a message from you that you want help

::dinv drops your inventory.

::stuck teles you to home when you're stuck (DO NOT ABUSE THIS COMMAND)

::home takes you home.

::train takes you to the beginner training area.

::shops takes you to a unique shopping place.

::vote takes you to the voting site (RECOMMENDED COMMAND)

::yell talk to everyone (DO NOT ABUSE)

::changepassword (newpasswordhere) changes your password.

::skull gives you a skull

::website takes you to the forums

::wiki takes you to this site

::highscores takes you to the highscores

::prem takes you to the Premium Area (Have to be a Premium Member)

::di takes you to Donator Zone (Have to be a Donator)

::donate directs you to the donation page

Please edit this if I have forgotten any commands.