The donator store consists of many items or features that can be bought. All items are bought in US Dollars (USD). Visit the store at anytime! All these purchases are claimed automatically ingame by typing ::claimdonation. The following are the current donateable features:

Last updated: 21/07/14

Donateable ItemsEdit

Price Image Description
5$ Mystery Box The Mystery Box contains wonderful cosmetics!
10$ Ring of Charos Fabled Ring of Charos.
20$ Ring of Charos(a) Even more fabled Ring of Charos(a).
30$ Cannon Barrels Cannon Base Cannon Furnace Cannon Stand The everlasting Dwarf Multicannon.

Donator RanksEdit

There are two donator ranks, Donator Rank and Premium.

Price Icon(s) Rank
7.50$ Donator Rank Donator
13$ Premium Donator Rank Premium Donator Rank 2 Premium Donator Rank 3 Premium Donator Rank 4 Premium Donator Rank 5 Premium Donator Rank 6 Premium Donator Rank 7 Premium Donator

The following are their corresponding benefits:


  • Access to Donator Island
  • Ability to use the command ::yell freely without using points
  • Green Donator Icon

Premium DonatorEdit

  • Access to Donator Island
  • Access to Premium Island
  • Better chance at Barrows Chest in the Barrows Minigame.
  • Ability to use the command ::yell freely without using points
  • Ability to wear the Ring of Charos(a)
  • Small Black Premium Donator Icon
  • Upcoming ability to use ::change in order to transform the colour of the Premium Icon

Donator IslandEdit

This island requires the Donator Rank and is accessed by typing ::di.                                                                   The following are the islands features:

Premium Donator IslandEdit

This island requires the Premium Donator Rank and is accessed by typing ::prem.                                                The following are the islands features:

Other Donateable FeaturesEdit

Price Name Description
5$ Loyalty Titles The ability to change the 'Sir', 'Lord' or 'Legend' (or Prestige Title) that is infront of a players name in the public chat. The 4 choices are: King, Queen, Loyal, The Beast.
6$ Upgrade to Premium This allows a player who already has the Donator Rank to upgrade their rank to Premium Donator Rank without having to pay the full price of the Premium Donator Rank which is 13$.
25$ Display Name (Unlimited) This provides the player with unlimited usages in the new feature, Display Names. This new feature allows a player to change the visible name that other players can see. This feature can be used unlimited times after purchasing it, but can only be used once every 24 hours in order to prevent spamming of name changes.

Donator CreditsEdit

Donator Credits, also known as Donator Points are used in purchases with the NPC Osman.

Price Amount
10$ 1,000 Donator Points
22.50$ 2,500 Donator Points
42.50$ 5,000 Donator Points


Price Image Name
500 Mystery Box Mystery Box
750 Donator Status Donator Status
1,000 Ring of Charos Ring of Charos
1,300 Premium Status Premium Status
2,000 Ring of Charos(a) Ring of Charos(a)

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