Fishing is a skill where you can gain fish for cooking . This Guide will include 1-99 Fishing guide and an xp guide. As you do not require any equipment go onto your spell book and find the camelot teleport spell, once you have found it click it and select skilling area . 1-99 Guide.

Now you have arrived at the skilling area (catherby) head over to the most western fishing spot, this should be the net and bait spot. Start to "net" from this spot you will catch shrimps but as you progress your end up catching anchovies . Net at this spot until 40 fishing. Now you can move onto the most easten fishing spot which is cage and harpoon from this spot you should "cage" this will fish lobsters .

If you want to get 99 fishing the fastest method possible then carry on fishing lobsters , otherwise you can catch swordfish at 50 fishing at the harpoon/cage spot. Sharks in the net/hapoon spot with the harpoon option you can catch these at the later level of 76. 

If you are playing on legend mode then manta rays are avalible to you these can be caught behind seers bank at level 81 fishing in the lure/bait spot fishing the "bait" spot. Manta rays can also be caught from ::prem to access ::prem you must have Premium.
Name Level
Method Fishing
Raw Shrimp Raw Shrimp 1 Net 1.2 230 1,380 3,450
Raw Anchovie Raw Anchovie 15 Net 1.2 230 1,380 3,450
Raw Mackerel Raw Mackerel 20 Big Net 1.3 460 2,760 6,900
Raw Tuna Raw Tuna 30 Harpoon 2 1,380 8,280 20,700
Raw Lobster Raw Lobster 40 Cage 2.1 1,610 9,600 24,150
Raw Swordfish Raw Swordfish 50 Harpoon 2.2 1,380 8,280 20,700
Raw Shark Raw Shark 76 Harpoon 3.6 2,070 12,420 31,050
Raw Manta Ray Raw Manta Ray 81 Bait 5.7 2,760 N/A N/A