The godwars dungeon can be find under boss teleport.

To get to the boss chambers you will have to get 5 killcount. once you got the killcount click on the yellow portel near the spawn and choose the boss you want to slay!

It includes the following bosses:

General Graardor (bandos). Edit

I will show some tips that (In my opinion) are very helpfull when you got out to slay Graardor.

First of all the killcount. When teleported to gwd you will see that the lowest lvl monsters are ogres.

I recommend to kill these until you got the 5 kc, either use 1 more prayer potion or use guthans.

In my opinion melee works the best to kill Graardor you can solo it but its way easier to use a 2man+ team.

He can hit up to 60 with his melee attack so be sure to put protect melee on when he is near!

he also got 3 minions: Sergeant Strongstack Sergeant Steelwill  Sergeant Grimspike.

these will hit you with range and mage so after you killed the boss put one of those protection prayers on.

K'ril Tsutsaroth (zamorak). Edit

This boss uses a melee and mage attack and that is probaly why only a few ppl try to slay it.

If you are one of those ppl who wants to slay it i recommend going there with a team (2man+).

Kree'arra (armadyl). Edit

Kree'arra is most likely the favorite of all the godwars bosses.

this comes ofc because it drops the armadyl godsword hilt.

his attack style is range so that is also the type of prayer that you should use.

he also got 3 minions on his side :  Flight Kilisa Wingman Skree Flockleader Geerin.

two of them uses range and one uses melee.

Commander Zilyana (saradomin). Edit

This boss is one of one of my favorites in divine-reality.

That is because once you got a guthans set it is a good boss to solo.

She hits with melee and mage but i recommend to protect from mage while being there.

This is because she go 3 minions who also use that attack style.

Starlight Growler Bree.

Now ofc we all want to go there to get those juicy loots.

So here are the drops from all the bosses:

General Graardor (bandos) :

K'ril Tsutsaroth (zamorak):

Kree'arra (armadyl):

Commander Zilyana (saradomin):

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