To start Hunter you will need to locate the Hunting expert at Edgeville home.

Once you find the hunting expert, buy the following items.

Equipment Cost Examine
Bird Snare
Bird Snare 5gp It's a Bird snare.
Box Trap
Box Trap 35gp It's a Box trap.

Now you have the equipment required. Select the spell book and use the location teleport. There will be three options to choose from. Select the last option; Hunter.

There are different NPCs to train hunter located around the island. 


Legend Mode
Cerulean Twitch - 900 xp Tropical Wagtail - 790 xp Crismon Swift - 800 xp Grey Chinchompa - 10,000 xp Red Chinchompa - 15,000 xp
Lord Mode
Cerulean Twitch - 5400 xp Tropical Wagtail - 4740 xp Crismon Swift - 4800 xp grey Chinchompa - 60,000 xp Red Chinchompa - 90,000 xp
Sir Mode
Cerulean Twitch - 13,500 xp Tropical Wagtail - 11,850 xp Crismon Swift - 12,000 xp Grey Chinchompa - 150,000 xp Red Chinchompa - 225,000 xp

Step 1: To start Hunter, go directly to the Cerulean Twitches as these give the best experience for level 1 Hunter

Note: Placing bird snare under the bird or box trap under the chinchompa will catch them instantly.

Step 2: Carry on at Cerulean Twitches until level 53 Hunter.

Step 3: Now that you have 53 hunter, head over to Grey Chinchompas; these require box traps. Keep catching these until level 65 hunter.

Step 4: Head over to Red Chinchompas; these also require box traps. Catch these until 99 hunter.