Melee is one of the three combat styles in Divine Reality. It involves using swords,daggers, and other weapons to damage opponents, as well as wearing heavy armourmade from various metals. Players who specialize in this type of combat are known as warriors.

The Combat Triangle dictates that Warriors are strong against Rangers but weak against Mages.

Melee's inability to attack from a distance means that a player may have a hard time fighting a Ranger or Mage, as they can make use of safespots. However, Melee has a high resistance to Ranged, giving warriors a defensive advantage over rangers

Melee skills Edit

Attack determines the accuracy of a player's melee attacks and the types of weapons a player may wield. The higher the Attack level, the fewer misses a player will incur during melee combat. As Attack is a vital skill in melee combat, increasing one's Attack level will increase one's combat level associated with melee.

Strength is a melee combat skill which increases the amount of damage a player can inflict in melee combat by one point per level. Additionally, Strength may be required to wield certain weapons and armour, access some Agility shortcuts, and complete several quests.

Defence is one of the primary combat skills that grants players protection in all forms of combat. The higher the Defence level, the fewer successful blows an opponent will land against the player. Defence is thus a vital skill for enduring attacks for long periods of time. A player's Defence level also determines which equipment he or she is able to wear, as most pieces of armour or other equipment have a Defence level requirement. Defence increases your ability to block attacks. The higher the Defence level the less damage you will receive against monsters and players.

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