This is a basic overview of the skill: Mining.

To start mining head to ::shops and trade with the fairy shopkeeper purchase a runite pickaxe and a iron pickaxe. 

Now you have these items i reconmend heading to falador/dwarven mine you can do this by speaking to the mining instructor at home.



This will take you to the falador/dwarven mine.

This is a great place for mining at a starter level as you progress there are other locations that become better for example alkarid, ::di, ::prem.


To get to al-kharid mine use the home teleport to open the loadstone interface.



Premium members mine.

To access this mine you must be a premium donator.

To get to the mine type ::prem and follow the map below.


Once you get the cavern click on it and select the option "Proceed to the mining area"


Donator Mining Area

To access this mine you must be a donator. There is only 3 ore rocks located at ::di two adamantite and one runite.



XP Guide

Ore Legend Legend - Double Xp Lord Lord - Double Xp Sir Sir Double Xp Level Required

Equipment Required


Tin Ore

630xp 1,260xp 3,780xp 7,560xp 8,820xp 17,640xp 1 Pickaxe

Copper Ore

630xp 1,260xp 3,780xp 7,560xp 8,820xp 17,640xp 1 Pickaxe

Iron Ore

1,225xp 2,450xp 7,350xp 14,700xp 17,150xp 34,300xp 15 Pickaxe

Silver Ore

1,400xp 2,800xp 8,400xp 16,800xp 19,600xp 39,200xp 20 Pickaxe

Coal Ore

1,750xp 3,500xp 10,500xp 21,000xp 24,500xp 49,000xp 30 Pickaxe

Gold Ore

2,275xp 4,550xp 13,650xp 27,300xp 31,850xp 63,700xp 40 Pickaxe

Mithril Ore

2,800xp 5,600xp 16,800xp 33,600xp 39,200xp 78,400xp 55 Pickaxe

Adamantite Ore

3,325xp 6,650xp 19,950xp 39,900xp 46,550xp 93,100xp 70 Pickaxe

Runite Ore

4,375xp 8,750xp 26,250xp 52,500xp 61,250xp 122,500xp 85 Pickaxe

I hope that this guide helps feel free to leave feedback many thanks beastin :)