This guide will give you a basic overview on the fine art of Thieving.

To start thieving, head to the Skilling Area by using the Location Teleport in you spellbook. Once you are at the Skilling Area look for Harold, speak to him and select the "Teleport to Rogue's Den" option.


The second you arrive at Rogue's Den, you will see a variety of thieving stalls. You can start gaining Thieving experience by stealing some Chocolate cake from the first stall.


When you reach the level needed to steal from the next stall, do so. As you are gaining levels, you will also receive Thieving Points which can be traded in for cosmetic armour. 



If you've already spoken to Martin, you know that you will receive a reward from him when you reach level 79 Thieving. So when you reach level 79, speak to Martin to claim your reward. When you reach level 99 Thieving you can buy the Thieving skillcape from the Wise Old Man in Edgeville for 99,000 gp. Lastly, you can sell your stolen goods to the man next to the stalls for a decent amount of coins, unless you're an Iron Man.

XP Guide

Stall Legend Legend - Double xp Lord Lord - Double xp Sir Sir - Double xp

Bakery Stall

620xp 1,240xp 3,720xp 7,440xp 9,300xp 18,600xp

Silk Stall

1,860xp 3,720 11,160xp 22,320xp 27,900xp 55,800xp

Crafting stall (low level)

3,720xp 7,440xp 22,320xp 44.640xp 55,800xp 111,600xp

Silver Stall

6,200xp 12,400xp 37,200xp 74,400xp 86,800xp 173,600xp

Gem Stall

10,540xp 21,080xp 63,240xp 126,400xp 147,560xp 295,120xp

Crafting Stall (high level)

12,400xp 24,800xp 74,400xp 148,800xp 173,600xp 347,200xp